Company History

Mission & Vision for further growth and advancement as a global corporation

  • 09Commencement of new installation of production line for rubber-sheathed cable and cables for ships
  • 05Establishment of technology research center for superconductor
  • 05Technology cooperation with Seonam Co., Ltd.
  • 01Execution of MOU with Seonam Co., Ltd. (Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation for superconductive material project)
  • 12Acquisition of TR CNCE-W 600SQ MM Certification
  • 12Established overseas sales department for expansion of export
  • 09Selected as a Trusted Partner of KEPCO
  • 09Installation of 1600 new unit
  • 08Installation of new 368/N braiding machine

  • 11Supply of products to Hyundai Construction
  • 11Korea Electrical Safety Corporation V Check Mark Certification
  • 10Acquisition of Environmental Declaration Certification (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute)
  • 04Acquisition of TR CNCE-W/AL Development Certificate of and supply to KEPCO
  • 07Selected as the Venture 100 Billion Won company in 2011 (Venture Company Association of the Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 05Award by the Minister of Knowledge Economy
  • 01Selected as one of the Best 600 Companies by Job World
  • 12Acquisition of HFIX KS
  • 08Transfer to newly constructed Seoul Office (Hanmi B/D, #16 Ineui-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul)
  • 07Acquisition of UL Certificate
  • 01Acquisition of FR CONCO-W Development Certificate of and supply to KEPCO
  • 01Acquisition of ISO/KSA 14001:2004 Certificate (Korea Standard Association)

  • 10Designated as a company with outstanding quality management (Chungcheongbuk Province)
  • 05Distinction in industrial packaging
  • 05Acquisition of KS for 6/10KV power cable (CV)
  • 04Venture company certification
  • 04Technology innovation certification for small and medium company (INNO-BIZ)
  • 03Acquisition of KS for halogen free flame retardant polyolefin (HFCO)
  • 10Approval for establishment of subsidiary technology research center of the company
  • 10Acquisition of ACSR/AW-OC development certificate of and supply to KEPCO
  • 09Supply of ACSR to KEPCO
  • 07Expansion and transfer to the (present) Jiincheon factory
  • 04Acquisition of HFCO Safety Certificate

  • 12Selected as the most outstanding company in Chungcheongbuk Province
  • 07Acquisition of certificate as an outstanding group for the Jinseon Cooperative
  • 12Additional acquisition of KS Mark certificate (1 type other than KS C 3111) – currently holds 16 types of certificates
  • 07ISO/KSA 9001:2000 Quality System Conversion Certificate (Korea Standard Association)
  • 06Acquisition of safety certification for flame retardant power cable(TFR-CV) for tray
  • 12ISO/KSA 9002 Quality System Certification (Korea Standard Association)

  • 1999. 03Development of cable for fire extinction (FR-3,FR-8)
  • 1998. 11Acquisition of weather-proof DV certificate by the KEPCO
  • 1997. 07Acquisition of FR-CVF, FR-CVVS certificate by KEPCO
  • 1997. 01Additional acquisition of KS Mark certificate (2 types other than KS C 3306)
  • 1996. 01Selected as Designated Special Military Service Exemption Company
  • 1995. 12Manufacturing of control cable products
  • 1993. 09Commencement of supply to KEPCO
  • 1993. 05Additional acquisition of KS Mark certificate (1 type other than KS C 3303)
  • 1992. 11Joined the Korea Electric Wire Industry Cooperative
  • 1992. 05Completion of construction of Eumseong factory
  • 1992. 03Additional acquisition of KS Mark certificate (3 types other than KS C 3313)
  • 1991. 08Expansion and transfer from Deokso factory to the Eumseong factory
  • 1991. 02Conversion of the company into a corporation, Hanmi Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
  • 1989. 11First to acquire the Korea Industrial Standard (KS) mark for 1 item other than annealed copper wire for electrical application
  • 1989. 11Additional acquisition of model approval for electrical products (9 types other than vinyl covered cable VV)
  • 1989. 08Adoption of TQC and manufacturing of power cable
  • 1989. 07Secured the land for the Eumseong factory
  • 1989. 01Joined the Korean Trade Association and acquisition of approval for international trading, and joined KSA
  • 1988. 05Succession of Daeha Electric Wire Industry by Hanmi Electric Wire Industry
  • 1987. 07Acquisition of model approval for electrical products (11 types other than vinyl covered cable EV)
  • 1974. 04Registration for manufacturing of electrical products