Greetings from the CEO

I would like to sincerely welcome and thank you for visiting the official web site of Hanmi Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in February 1991 in order to make contribution towards the progress of infrastructural industry of the country and social benefits.

Although our company does not have prolonged history, we achieved marked growth through expansion of integrated facility lines along with completion of the manufacturing plant in Eumseong in 1991.
The company underwent the 2nd stage of growth through new construction and transfer to the new manufacturing plant equipped with the most advanced high-tech facilities within the Yiwol Electrical, Electronic and Agricultural Industry Complex in Jincheon-gun in July 2008.
In addition, we are not only manufacturing cables but also implementing development of superconductive materials and their mass production technology for development of the future market in coping with the uncertain environment. We are planning to expand our businesses into the special cable market for maritime, ship building and industrial sectors by newly installing production line for cables used in ships and rubber-sheathed cables in 2015.

We pledge to put our utmost efforts to offer the best products and services with sense of duty and pride of being a leading small and medium company in Korea.

We would be most grateful for your continued concerns and encouragement.

Yours sincerely,

Sung, Byung Gyeong
Representative Director of Hanmi Electric Wire Co., Ltd.